Ma Petite Jamaica - Camden

Ma Petite Jamaica - Camden

Who says Mondays aren’t good for business?

FoBo rating : 
“Will we be back? You bet.”

Price : about £50 for two, including starters, mains and drinks.

On a cold miserable Monday, after reading some good reviews about this place, we decided to do something about the hunger that had been building up since late morning.  A quick journey on the tube to Camden, and we found ourselves at the doorstep of “Ma Petite Jamaica”.  Here’s our review:

The feeling you get when you walk in is “I’ve arrived”. The music was just right.  Not too loud, not too heavy, just sweet Caribbean music, you’ll find yourself bopping along even when you don’t know the words. They have made an effort to bring a touch of being outdoors in the sun (in Camden that’s a pretty tall order) to the restaurant, the overall feel is nice and relaxed.

The layout is cute, really! With a few larger tables for big groups and plenty of smaller ones. There is a surprising amount of space here. The decor on the walls ranges from your typical Bob Marley and Usain Bolt posters to some very interesting abstract and authentic Jamaican artwork. I mentioned briefly the relaxed outdoors feeling, well that has to do with some of the central tables having a straw roof swaying in the breeze (honest), trust me it looks pretty good.

The waitress, very friendly, accommodating and attentive. Chatty but not overly so. It was nice not to be pressured to order quickly, and also, we were not sat ‘waiting’ for someone to come and collect our order. As you may have experienced in some restaurants, being ignored while staff are having a chat in the corner (or worse on their phones) is a big no-no. The staff at Ma Petite know what they are doing and are very professional.

Ok, let’s be honest, this is what you really want to read about 🙂
As you can see from the pics below, the food looked amazing. It smelt amazing and tasted great. It was cooked well, and all the meat was definitely marinated, the flavour was ‘in’ the food. None of this ‘add the sauce afterwards’ rubbish some takeaways (and restaurants) do. For starters, we had Barbecue Ribs, fried dumplings, ackee and saltfish. Finger licking good!

The mains were jerk chicken burger and chips… probably the best chicken burger I’ve had. The chicken was succulent and had just the right amount of spice, chips right out of the frier and a green side salad (not sure what that was doing on my plate) to top it off. The other main was Curry Goat, Fried Plantain, Rice and peas. A nice healthy and very tasty portion that lead to the belt being loosened.

We will definitely be visiting again, the menu had a lot to offer, and we didn’t make a dent in the cocktail menu!

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